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Mustang Baseball of Central Ohio

Mustang Baseball of Central Ohio

PROJECT: Website design using CMS

Recently, one of my best friends from high school called upon
us to create a baseball-themed website for his Little League.
Being an avid baseball fan only made this request that much
more exciting and fun to approach.

After searching for an affordable, yet robust CMS,
we settled upon Blue Sombrero’s content management system.
It offered an extremely wide-range of options from registration
to allocating players to scheduling games to posting scores.
Coupled with the back end support from Dick’s Sporting Goods
made this an excellent choice.

After modifying the Mustang Baseball logo, we started
the design by choosing an appropriate theme. This fully responsive,
mobile-friendly site quickly came into shape and was completed in just 2 weeks.

Swing your way over to Mustang Baseball today.