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About Us

our roots

Our analog roots and traditional values have served us well in the digital marketing revolution — having learned how to learn, we embrace new technologies and modes of thinking without ever losing sight of sound business fundamentals. This experience informs our drive to seek and provide the best marketing solutions for our clients.

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ummhumm is small but mighty. Our studio may house but a handful of creative people, but we helm a vast network of qualified associates we can bring to bear on any project. We have worked closely with seasoned specialists in every field and enjoy the kind of valuable relationships that only years together in the business can forge. To employ ummhumm is to tap into a wealth of talent, insight and resources.

Delivering Marketing Solutions That Outlive Their Budget

ummhumm is a creative studio, but that doesn’t mean we believe in creativity for its own sake. We don’t favor originality over functionality or mistake novelty for innovation. Our creative choices flow from the needs of the job – we don’t bend the job to fit our creative needs. Our clients’ bottom line is the basis of our art and we want to design smart, not just be clever.

ummhumm creative studio - Florida Marketing Studio

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Working For You, Not A Board Of Directors

Our brand of thinking focuses on our clients and their creative needs. We don’t get hung up or bogged down by dress codes, company meetings requiring singing the corporate song or answering to shareholders who have nothing but dividends driving their purpose. Our approachable attitude means you’ll see and hear from us on all aspects and levels of the relationship.