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Ben Price Estate Agents

Ben Price Estate Agents

PROJECT: Magazine advertisements, prospectus

Ben Price Estate Agents reached out to ummhumm | creative studio from Australia
to update their client prospectus. The fact that we would be working with a client
from the land down under made the project that much more exciting.

After an enthusiastic response to the prospectus, Ben Price contracted
us to create several magazine adverts as well as a booklet advertising the
construction of The Meridian, a planned high rise apartment complex
located in Mt. Druitt, a suburb of Sydney.

Firmly established as an innovative market leader since our establishment in 2000,
Ben Price Estate Agents is acknowledged as a premier real estate agency of measured
success across residential sales, property management and marketing.

At Ben Price Estate Agents, we genuinely believe we can do good things for people
and have positive impact. Just making transactions has never appealed us.
We would rather make lifelong relationships.

With a pledge to be trustworthy, professional, efficient, innovative, accountable,
and adherence to ethical principles, Ben Price Estate Agents comes with a guaranteed
promise of quality in its products and services.

Should you find yourself on Australia’s southeast coast and are
buying, selling or renting property,
check out Ben Price Estate Agents.