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+Venture Heat Brochure Design


PROJECT: Brochure design

As part of the series of brochure design, +VENTURE Heated Clothing provides extreme warmth and comfort
allowing you to do more of what you love! Go ahead…take a few more runs
down that double black diamond, or cruise a couple extra hours on your bike, snowmobile or ATV.
Their clothes will keep you warm and comfortable in any condition.

Visit ventureheat.com

Since 2003, Venture Heat (Venice Beach, CA) pioneered the industry’s personal Wearable Heating Technology by developing a Lithium-ion battery as the power source to power multi-zone flexible heating panels featuring Micro-Alloy Fiber heating elements. Venture Heat is dedicated to providing premium products with the purpose of helping customers live more comfortable and fuller lives.

It is Venture Heat’s goal to continue to be the most cutting-edged and trusted brand in the business. They strive to understand and meet the needs of their customers. With this guiding principle, they have created a product line that is unrivaled in price, quality, and workmanship that is built to exceed your expectations.

Venture Heat’s parent company and manufacturer, MEC ADDheat Co. LTD. was founded in the 1970s. MEC started as a manufacturer of electronic components. Venture Heat has full control over their technology development, production process and quality control of the entire product line, in house, to ensure every item meets their high standards. MEC ADDheat is recognized globally and trusted by some of the world’s most reputable brands as an OEM/ ODM manufacturer, and is the proven innovator of smart Wearable Heating Technology. If you have any inquiries for private label, OEM, etc., please contact Venture Heat.

At Venture Heat, they work hard to be more than quality products in the market. They firmly believe that through our work, we stand by our customers to live a pain-free, comfortable enriched lifestyle by keeping their adventure going.