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Hodge BioMotion Orthopedics

PROJECT: Company branding, event marketing, invitations, brochures, envelopes, invitations

The rebranding of Hodge BioMotion Orthopedics was one of many projects
ummhumm | creative studio tackled for Dr. W. Andrew Hodge.

Starting with a website, we then moved to advertising two
fund-raising opportunities.

To advertise and market Dr. Hodge’s upcoming Gala, we designed
and printed invitations, booklets, as well as deployed magazine ads.

The 2007 Gala was a successful fund raising event that generated
more than $7.5M for the foundation.

Additionally, ummhumm | creative studio created
a brochure for the Orthopedic Research Lab (ORL).

Marketing and advertising their opening included print collateral such as
magazine advertising, invitations and response cards.

Dr. Hodge is a board certified orthopedic surgeon
specializing in joint replacement surgery of the knee and hip operating
in West Palm Beach, Florida.