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Prana Touch

Prana Touch

PROJECT: Branding, website design, print and social media

When our very good friend of many years called upon
us to create a logo, printed collateral, a website and corresponding
social media presence for her new venture, Prana Touch,
we accepted enthusiastically.

Prana Touch, or Life-Giving Touch, combines Deep Tissue Massage,
Reflexology, Swedish Massage and Aromatherapy to help those who suffer
from chronic and acute pain.

We started by creating the logo, accenting the Chakras, which are the central
focus of Prana Touch. Adding wings to the logo highlights the freedom
one feels after receiving treatment. Business cards rounded out the
identity package.

We then set about creating and developing the website and social media
presence to provide an internet footprint and voice to share with the audience.

The aromatherapy printed collateral came next. Prana Touch sells
inhalers and body scents that compliment standard treatments. We designed,
printed and produced labels and cards for the 7 Chakra scents.

We continue to support Prana Touch as they grow their business. If
you have acute or chronic pain, check out Prana Touch to see if there’s
a remedy for you.